Amdavad Junction (2014)

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Amdavad Junction (2014)
Amdavad Junction (2014)

Amdavad Junction is Bollywood action – crime movie written and directed by Apurv Bajpai, based on an unsolved mystery and two honest officers perplexed by the case. The film is a crime-thriller and revolves around a mysterious death of a person in an express train. Two courageous CBI officers embark on the journey to solve this case but with no clue lefts, they are perplexed. How will the two solve this case, forms the story of the film.

Cast: Rohan Jardosh…. Rohan Patel, Saurabh Singh…. Saurabh Pandey, Gunjan Vyas…. Gunjan Hooda, Touqeer Khan…. Avinash, Ishita Salot…. Mahi, Devendra , Trivedi…. Sanjay Bhatt, Hitesh Patel…. Media Head, Swapna Nair…. Saurabh Pandey’s Wife, Dipal Patel…. Rashmi Patel, Dhyey Mehta…. Jay,

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